Alteration and change are two watchwords, and has been proven many occasions in the course of recent many years, the nation appears to have a dread of progress. The world is evolving. Our nation is changing, and this political decision will be critical in deciding if we will push ahead into another future, or foolishly clutch a previous that has surpassed its ‘utilization by’ date. Open doors for change will be introduced and whenever cannot, the related conditions will turn out to be increasingly emotional and regularly lead to circumstances where numerology reading there will be no decision in the issue… . changes should be made. The key here is to build up the component of interest and figure out how to investigate outside the counterfeit boundaries that have been set. We should figure out how to conform to change effectively and dispose of what isn’t helpful throughout everyday life. The 5 Challenge will likewise demonstrate limitations on opportunity. Equalization and FOCUS are watchwords with the 5 test.

Gifts of adoration and light!

Michael John Fierro

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A Look at the Candidates

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This exposition has been composed from the viewpoint of the Numerology of the political race. Other than toward the end when I express my closely-held conviction, this is a non-political glance at the competitors. My desire is that you read it all things considered. Not as a political composition, however as an examination of the individuals who are at present staying in the race (as of the date of this composition). The differentiations are introduced to light up what every competitor speaks to, not what my decision or political convictions direct. – MJF.


As I compose this article in mid-June of 2016, there are presently three, significant residual up-and-comers in the running for the administration of the United States. They are Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. My aim here is to introduce a gander at the competitors exclusively through the viewpoint of the Numerology of their Expression numbers (the total of the apparent multitude of letters in their name and who they should be in this lifetime). I thought that it was fascinating that the Expression quantities of these three are sequential numbers and upon reflection, I understood that they speak to an extremely unmistakable movement in a big motivator for they and reflect in the full scale image of the otherworldly parts of the world.

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