Automatic drip coffee makers continue to be the most popular and most often used coffee maker by coffee drinking consumers today. Part of the reason is that they are quite simple to use, brew a good tasting cup of coffee, and have lots of features that appeal to the consumer. Thanks to their popularity, these kinds of coffee makers come in all kinds of styles, models, colors and brand 84 coffee names. Not surprising they are also available in a wide range of prices and sizes too.

As already mentioned the design of the automatic drip coffee maker makes it very easy to master. Simply measure and pour your fresh, cold water into the holding tank located at the back or side of the brewer, place a coffee filter inside the built-in holder, then add your favorite brand of coffee grounds. Finally push the switch or button to turn on the drip coffee machine and relax. In a few minutes your senses will be tickled with the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee. Simple or what!

Features included with most automatic coffee machines these days seem endless. Most common is a built-in timer that allows you to set your coffee brewer ahead of time to come on and make the coffee so it is really when you are. Another very desirable feature is to have a warming element that sits below your coffee pot or carafe to keep the brewed coffee warm and ready to go long after the brewing cycle has finished. Some of the more expensive automatic drip coffee makers even connect to a water line to save you the trouble of having to even measure and pour the water into the reservoir.

Although not actually a part of the automatic drip coffee brewer, the type and brand of coffee grounds you use can make all the difference in the world to the taste of the end product, namely the cup of coffee. Some people are happy using the cheap, no-name brand coffee grounds available at discount stores, but most coffee drinkers are fussy about what they drink. For these folks the are many more expensive specialty coffee beans that you can buy pre-ground or even grind them yourself at the place of purchase. Other individuals try the many different brand name coffee types available that are pre-packaged and ready to go.

It sounds like the automatic drip coffee maker is the way to go if you are looking for an easy method to ensure that you have a steaming pot of coffee waiting for you at any time of the day. The only real drawback is that you must have a power source for this wonderful contraption to do its thing! Without electricity your machine is pretty well useless!

As expected, automatic drip coffee machines may be found in almost every type of store in the consumer marketplace. In fact this may become rather overwhelming if you are looking for this kind of a coffee machine. There is simply too much choice available! Sadly with too much choice comes the danger of purchasing inferior or even junk products as there seems to be an unending list of coffee maker producers these days.

This is where the world’s newest shopping tool, the good old Internet comes in handy. Now you can quickly and easily find information on hundreds of models of coffee makers including automatic drip coffee brewers and in the process get some fantastic deals on pricing and even bonuses for purchasing such as free coffee, additional features, and the list goes on.

But Wait! Time to reflect on what you have learned from this article, before rushing off to purchase this maker of morning delight. Consider the fact that this is only the start of your journey. Now that you understand what version of coffee machine you need, the next phase is do your homework and figure out what exactly is the top automatic drip model (performance and price) from the many different ones available in stores and on the web today. Look for coffee maker reviews that are based on independent testing results and have consumer feedback as well, to ensure you are getting facts and not just a bunch of hype.

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