After the joy of finding out you are pregnant, a woman’s mind is automatically programmed and lists compiled regarding the amount of things which need to be done before the baby’s arrival.

One of the things which always remains a priority on the list and inevitably never gets done until the baby is born (and even then it still may take a few days or weeks!) is the naming of a baby.

Choosing your baby’s name is a big responsibility for most parents and the personal nature of the task can often cause stress between parents, friends and family. We all are programmed with pre-conceived ideas when it comes to what a name means to each one of us and it is amazing the images which are conjured up just at the mere mention of a name.- school bag singapore

Names associated with old school friends you would rather forget can stir up all kinds of memories as can the name of the boss from hell or perhaps the name of your first love (who inevitably broke your heart). Let’s face it, names have so many different connotations for people you are unlikely to please everyone with your baby name choice.

To avoid unwanted comments regarding your baby names most new parents keep them a closely guarded secret until the baby is born. Funnily enough once the baby is here people’s opinions regarding baby names seem to fade into insignificance as loved ones are just smitten by your new baby. I say most new parents, there are of course the exceptions as I found out! I was 36 weeks pregnant when my best friend announced she was having a baby and insisted I be the first one to know their choice of baby names. I begged her not to but she insisted. I have heard of so many new mums being accused by friends of “stealing baby names” I just didn’t want it to happen to me. I am pleased to say it ended well as our choice of baby names were different.

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