A diamond’s readability, considered    diamond 4c        one of diamonds 4Cs, is stricken by any external and internal characteristics created with the aid of nature when the diamond became fashioned or as a result of the cutting method.

Characteristics which includes inner spots or traces are referred to as inclusions. Although these marks make each stone precise, the fewer the inclusions, the greater precious the stone. Inclusions can every now and then interfere with the passage of mild through the stone, diminishing the flicker and value of the diamond.

According to the great evaluation machine of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), clarity is graded on a scale ranging from Flawless (Fl) to Imperfect (I). Only a tiny percent of diamonds ever achieve a grade of Flawless.

Diamond Clarity Scale

A Note on Diamond Clarity
It is important to keep in mind that readability is a variety. Think of a readability grade as your age. If you’re 34 years old, your thirty fourth birthday can also had been the previous day, or your thirty fifth birthday can be subsequent month. But whilst someone asks your age, you sincerely inform them you’re 34. It works the identical manner with clarityFind Your Local JA Jeweler >
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