Nowadays, parents tend to buy toys made of plastic or other materials to their children because most of the time, these toys are more interesting compared to the much simpler wooden toys. Modern toys can do so many things because most often than not, they are battery-operated. However, there are still some specialty toy shops that still sell wooden toys because of their unique characteristics and features.- wooden toys

There are many advantages in using wooden toys. Wooden toys are generally simpler and quieter than modern toys. Modern toys usually produce noise and usually do some acrobatics that some kids might find chaotic and might make them confused. Wooden toys on the other hand, give them a chance to be creative and to do things on their own using their free hands and their imagination because of its generally simple design.

Wooden toys are also safer than other toys made with other materials. Wood is non-toxic and they usually are not very complicated toys which make it easier for children to manipulate or play with, without fear of your children getting hurt. Also, most toys made from wood are not operated with battery.

These toys are also considered to be more educational than plastic toys. Toys made from wood are very simple which children can touch and explore with their bare hands. This helps a lot in their development.

These old-fashioned toys can also stand the test of time. You will still probably see your Dad’s wooden rocking horse in your attic or your Mom’s wooden toy dishes. This can make you save more money than buying plastic toys. Moreover, when a plastic toy breaks, it could even be dangerous to your child. Plastic toys also have negative effects on the environment. And we don’t need that especially now.

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